Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lent Day 7: WIGIAT? Even in the stumbling blocks.

For Lent, I have decided to update my blog for each of the 40 days. The subject of my updates is answering the question, WIGIAT?, or Where is God in all this?

Today, I saw God in children. Children who joyfully come forward during the children's sermon, and eagerly put money into the pickle jar, to help out those who are in a pickle. In under a year, these children have helped people buy prescriptions, recover after a house fire, and keep the electricity on. Yes, the children are given the money by their parents, but they never hide it, or cry when putting it in the jar; they go looking for the jar. These children gladly take what is given to them, and even more gladly put it to great use.

And, I saw God in the people who have come to me for help. It's not in my ability to help, I wish I could do more...and know in my heart of hearts I could, but it is in my chance to take the gifts the children have brought, and pass it on to people who don't receive a hand-out, but simply a little grace to give them hope, and get them to tomorrow.

This is the same way that God comes through me to a group of people in simple bread and wine, despite my own significant, numerous, and continual failures. I've done nothing to give the gifts of children or God to people, but still I have been given the precious opportunity to be a participant in these grace-filled moments.

And I also see God in the people who deride those who need assistance, the ones who say that people on food stamps are lazy or should get a job. I see God break into this world and offer the gifts of repentance, transformation, and new life; even as they put their stumbling blocks before others.

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