Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lent Day 13: WIGIAT? Will you play with me?

Today, I saw God in the question my son has begun asking, "Will you play with me?" Playing includes playing with his trains, pushing trucks along the floor (or pretending the fly because you're not quite as close to the floor as him), or just chasing each other around the house while holding a little Batman or Robin. Whatever the game though, Charlie usually has a much more vivid picture of what we actually are playing than me.

At some point in the whole growing-up stage I'm going to be completing someday, asking, or being asked, "will you play with me?" went out of style. The thing is, I never really missed it until hearing my son start to ask me that same question. When I hear it now, I hear such innocent hope and desire for companionship and sharing in what Charlie is doing. It really is touching, and it is a blessing to getting to be a child's playmate.

God is in in this child everyday, and while I would like to have him take his time growing-up, I know that God will be in him when he stops asking me to play with him. In Charlie, and in all of us, is the living word of God. It is the word of hope and promise and love that comes to us in unique perspectives, and grows and changes along with us through all parts of our lives. In life, it's pretty obvious that we aren't called to stay the same. What's great is that we can depend on God's love to remain the abundantly in us, always ready to be shared and enjoyed.

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