Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lent Day 6 :WIGIAT? A Spring Day

Today, and this past week, God has been present in the SLOW changing of the seasons. God has been there in the warmth of the sun, even when it's only 45 degrees out, and in melting the snow that has gone from pretty in December to a dirty, nuisance in March. God is there, of course in the new life springing forth and the assurance that the grass will soon be green and there will be leaves on bare trees.

But where God really is, in this changing weather, is in the activity that has suddenly sprung forth on the streets of Holliston. It's such a joy to see people outside of their homes and enjoying the freedom of actually being outside and enjoying it. It's refreshing to actually take a moment and chat with people you meet up with while walking your dog, instead of simply trying to get around the block in record time. Standing on Spring's doorstep, people seem ready to take on what's next. (And I'm already working on my mental golf swing.)

Now, whether you are a fan of cold, or warm weather, there is no denying that there is a much greater freedom when the snow is melted and the cold air is blown away. In our relationships, anger, fear, and envy can do the same thing as winter. They can restrict our movements, and make any interaction a frigid affair. God's salvation is about bringing warmth to the things that gunk up our human relationships, and melting away the sin with love. This warmth is given to us in grace, and so may we bask in God's grace, put our heavy winter coats away, and join in sharing our lives with each other.

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