Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lent Day 20: WIGIAT? Norma Cortez

Each day during Lent I am updating my blog around the theme of WIGIAT? Where is God in All this?

We often think of faith as believing so much in the unbelievable, that miracles happen. This is why we have charlatans posing as "faith healers" who con people into thinking that if they just believe enough, miraculous healing will happen. If the healing happens, it's because of the person's faith, if the healing doesn't happen, it's because of the person's lack of faith. Either way, it seems to work out for the person lining their pockets from the whole venture.

But today, I read about faith and miracles, and it reinforced not my own belief, but my own lack of belief. You see, I read the linked article, and was blown away, as I have been before, at the lengths that love and faith for others will drive people. I read this article and saw people doing such amazing things, day after day after day, for the good of their loved ones, and the works that these people do for love is far beyond anything I could imagine, or even want to do.

So, please read the article, and see the mountains that the faith of our neighbors to the south move so that they can give love and hope to those who they are closest to. Everyday, these people work and provide for their loved ones in ways that make me cringe, and instead of holding these saints up, we who don't know what work is, marginalize and label them. Norma Cortez is not an "alien commuter" she is my hero, and she shows me a God who would give his life in love, no matter the cost.

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