Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lent Day 14: WIGIAT?

During Lent, I will be updating my blog during each of the 40 days, focusing on WIGIAT? or Where is God in all this?

Today, God was present in the chance to sip some coffee, read the texts for Sunday, and reflect upon them, on what God was saying to me through them, and on what I would say in my sermon on Sunday. 

What was interesting, was that when I got to the local coffee shop, got my coffee and my egg sandwich, whe place was bustling and there was a ton of background noise. Over the next minutes, the place started to clear out, and pretty soon, it was me, someone else working on their computer, and the staff. The silence suddenly became very loud, and the conversation they were having, though they weren't close to me, became louder and kept penetrating my own little thought bubble. 

We hear God in many different ways. Sometimes, when the noise around us dies down, God's still small voice, like that of the staff, suddenly seems very loud. But the truth is that God's volume stays the same, but our ears have now become more open. 

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