Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lenten Prayer as CtK #Dream #Lent2015

Gracious Lord,
#dream #lent2015
Open the eyes of our imagination so that we may dream and view that which is beyond the scope of our own circumstance. Grace us with the courage to wrestle with the dreams you give to us, face the challenge that they present, and the trust to follow their calling. Enliven our dreams with your gracious love, and the reality of an abundant life that can only come from your death on a cross.

Today's word of the day is dream. Dreams are a complicated thing. Sometimes, we equate them with what we want, for instance, we describe our dream house, or the man or woman of our dreams, or even some great accomplishment. Other times, our dreams are nightmares, showing us reflections of our deepest darkness, our fears, or traumatic pasts. In whatever form they come in, dreams have the capacity to give us greater insight and perspective about our lives.

I think that God is the ultimate dreamer, the being whose clairvoyance surpasses time and space, and would overwhelm us mortals if we were burdened with what God can "see". And yet, when God is the dreamer, our reality is turned upside down, and even the possibility of life from death, of resurrection from the cross, of love in the midst of hate becomes manifest in all of creation. We all have dreams about what our lives will become, but may we know that God, the ultimate dreamer is with us through all things, and calling us to build and rebuild our lives trusting in the wisdom and grace of the One who faced the nightmare of crucifixion, so that

About Lenten Prayer as CtK:
During Lent, I am inviting all of you at Christ the King, and anyone who would be willing to join us, to engage in praying together, seeking to hear God and be guided by Christ's life in our life together. To guide these prayers, I will be posting pictures centered around a word for the day. This comes from the facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/LENTPHOTOADAY. Please feel free to join me in posting pictures and thoughts to your social media accounts or to the comments of this blog.

Peace be with you!

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