Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Each day during Lent, I will be updating my blog based on WIGIAT? or Where is God in all this?

A couple years ago, the awesome group Metallica, celebrated 30 years together as a band with a series of concerts in San Francisco. The group invited old members back to play and collaborated with different artists on some of their songs throughout the series.

One collaboration they did, was with the cello group, Apocalyptica for their song One. While the song and performance isn't an attempt at reenacting the Crucifixion, I do think it is a stark, modern image into the solemn, painful, and horrible events of that day...without gratuitous blood.

The song, is sung from the perspective of a wounded soldier, hooked up to life-support systems, and trapped in his own world, painfully awaiting death. Confronted with this reality, nothing is real, the world he knew has ceased to exist, the things that gave him meaning are gone...nothing is real but pain. In this time, the person on death's door is seeking God's help, seeking God's release, seeking anything really, other then the living hell he currently exists in. As the music picks-up, the lights drop, and one is reminded of the earth shaking and the veil tearing, as Jesus died.

For me, this piece, embodies the pointlessness of our human ambitions, and the sufferings they cause. It also reminds me that Jesus was willing to endure these sufferings, so that we could see the world as it really is. Jesus endured these sufferings so that we could see that conquest doesn't come from war, but from love, and that glory isn't in our greatest successes, but is in the cross, the place of the greatest offering.

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