Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lent Day 26: WIGIAT? New technologies.

Each day during Lent, I am updating my blog based on the theme of WIGIAT? or Where is God in all this?

Today, I posted my first ever video to YouTube, and the first one on Christ the King's new YouTube channel. This, in and of itself is not all that earth shattering. YouTube as been delighting people with cute videos and so much other stuff...mostly good, for a long time, and getting something posted on it isn't a big deal. Nor was it that hard to make a video, as all I had to do was push a button on my phone, and doing a choppy job of editing it was pretty easy as well. So, all in all, not a big deal.

But, how far we've come in terms of technology in a really short time is really amazing. The idea of doing something like this all with the resources I have at my disposal would have seemed far fetched six or seven years ago.

What's even more amazing than that, is that the message I was relaying, was a message about the meal of Holy Communion, which was instituted about 2000 years ago by a guy who was hardly a blip on the radar of all the important things going on at the time. Even more so, there wasn't a lot of social media opportunities then, there wasn't even video to record the whole thing. But, somehow, the message got out, and we continue to partake in this meal, and record videos about it today. This happened not because of some sort of great marketing campaign, but because in this meal is the truth, about who God is, and God's love that goes beyond all understanding. As the world continues to change, God will continue to be in the meal of Communion, pouring out these symbols of unending life for us, and calling us to do the same with our lives.

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