Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lent Day 30: WIGIAT? Bob the Builder!!

Each day during Lent I am updating my blog around the theme of WIGIAT? or Where is God in all this?

In the lobby of Christ the King, there are a few 2x4's on display. These boards are part of a drive, put on by our wonderful youth, to raise funds for a Habitat for Humanity house in Lowell, and will be used in the building of the house. As people have given money for the cause, they've written messages of hope and love on them in marker. It's a neat way to raise money for a worthy ministry.

While I was passing the boards today, I noticed the sign below that someone had taped to the boards.

3 years ago, I wouldn't have chuckled when seeing this sign, because I wouldn't have known it's referencing the theme song for the kid's show, Bob the Builder. Now days, that song, "Can we build it? Yes we can!" appears on my mental playlist quite often. 
Whether it is a show, or a ministry, God is found in the builders. Building is something that takes effort, and teamwork, different materials, and different gifts. And building is done through learning, watching, balancing, acting, and using the claw side of the hammer to pull-out the nails you bent or put in the wrong spot. The final product of a building project is something that is held together with everything in just the right spot, even if it took multiple attempts to get it there. (Imagine if you had to tear everything down and start over if a hole was drilled in the wrong spot!)

God is in our building projects, whether they be in the building-up of our lives, each other, and our communities. And, because God is in our building projects, God's grace is in them too, and anyone can be a builder. They can start doing the work, and learn as they go, sure that God isn't going to tear the whole project down, but instead correct, guide, and help. 

Thank goodness for the grace that makes us builders, because anyone can be in the destruction business too, and when it comes to our lives together, that's a much easier trade to learn and use, but it unfortunately leaves you homeless.

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